Lack of a Sex Life

Mine is a bit of a sordid tale. I decided to wait for the right guy and despite having boyfriends, they all got frustrated and broke up with me before anything could happen. In retrospect, this is perhaps a good thing because they weren't patient nor good guys but at the same time, it left me being 25 and a virgin. After my last breakup, I ended up losing my virginity to a guy I barely knew who of course never called me again. A month after that, I met a new guy and we courted, dated, but only had sex twice before we argued over something ridiculous and never spoke again. I dated four guys after that but nothing happened despite me trying to initiate something with two of them. I have just turned 26 so I find it completely ridiculous that I am having so much difficulty having sexual relations with someone. I don't want a relationship but I can't even seem to find someone for a one-night stand (I live in a small city).

Before I lost my virginity, it seemed so easy to find guys who wanted to sleep with me (unknowing that I had been a virgin). But now it has been seven months and at my age, I've only had sex three times. I feel embarrassed and unattractive. There's a huge part of me that wants to give up because I feel like I have been trying but at the same time, these are the days that I am young and should be exploring my sexuality. I just don't know how to go about doing it anymore. My confidence is shot. What should I do? I am also extremely against dating sites after experiences my friends have had on them.

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