I Want Him Back

I am 53 and divorced.  I met the most gorgeous man 22 months ago and we had a wonderful time.  He is everything I have always wanted: witty, erudite, intelligent, charming, good company and we had a great deal in common.  He has 2 young daughters and wanted to keep them out of things, which I understood, I would have done the same had mine been younger.  He became my best friend and confidant.

2months ago he emailed me whilst away with his children and said he thought we'd reached the crest of the wave an were coming down the other side and that he wasn't go to see me any more.  He said we didn't need to lose each other entirely but that we should take a break.

I was gutted but wrote him an email thanking him for a wonderful 20 months, telling him I'd miss him but wishing him goodbye and all the best for the future.

I have been breaking my heart ever since and just can;t seem to get over him.  I have never, ever felt like this in my whole life before.  What an age to fall in love for the first time.

Can I contact him?  Should I?  How do I find out if he is missing me?  We have no mutual friends and may never see each other or hear of each other ever again.

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