I Need Answers Before It's Too Late

Dear Dr. Love,

It has been 2 years that I've been with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is very understanding despite the fact that I am impatient and moody. He never cheated on me, so I guess I should be thankful for that. My problem is that he always fails to add an extra ingredient to all the special occasions within the range of our relationship. The latest are my Birthday and our 2nd year anniversary.

For my birthday, he didn't even show up. I was all alone in my apartment. 

During our anniversary, a date couldn't fit in with our busy schedule and we both have lots of expenses. I am not a material person. He could have at least given me a heartwarming letter or a very sweet sms message.

He is my first boyfriend. I'm only 20. My problems regarding his actions has been bothering me from our first year until the present. I am wondering why I am still trying to find love from other people. I always grab the opportunity when I find a cute guy who shows interest for me but of course none of these turned into a relationship because I have a boyfriend.

Lately, I was flirting with this cute neighbor who also has a girlfriend. When he started avoiding me, I developed an attraction to one of my blockmates. I would like to know what is wrong with me. Why am I not happy with just my boyfriend. Why am I still looking for love from other people?

Signed: Troubled Girl

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