I Love Someone But Does He Love Me?

Hi my name is Jackie. I dont know where to start. I have been with this guy for about 3 years now. We are like best friends and a couple. I met him a year after he came out of a 8 year relationship. He told me in the beginning he wants to be a buddhist monk but i never believed him. He told me sometimes i must move on and be with someone else as he cant offer the things i want in life as he wants to become a monk. As soon as i try to leave him alone and respect his wishes i find myself back with him. We never fight and we do everything together. We are like almost the perfect couple. We can talk about everything and and we along very well. I have told him that i love him and in this 3 years he has told me once he loved me. He doesnt show much emotion or love but i can feel he does. Now he decided to leave everything and become a monk. He has been reading the books , listening to talks and trying to let go of this world. Im trying to understand and i even read for him but its like he is stuck in between. He told me the only reason he cant be with me is because of what he wants in life. But still he sees me and wants to be with at the same time. I had a fight with his mother 4 days ago and i left his house and now he angry with both of us and have not spoken to us. He said he just wants to be alone and we must just leave him. I havent spoken to him a few days now. I really love him so much. When i think of us not being together i get this shiver and cant breath properly.
I dont know what to do or what to believe. What does he want. Does he love me. What must I do. Im so confused. I dont know if he is still in love with his ex and finding it hard to let go and fully commit to me. I know he wants Buddhism very much also. I'm so heartbroken. I need advise. I need answers. No can help me with this as this a very rare case. Please help me with this. I dont want to feel this sadness anymore.

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