I Am in Love

Hello! I have a problem and i don't knwo how to cope with it. I am in love with a girl, and until last night i thought that we will be friends forever because she doesn't care about me at all, but that is what i thought. I found out that i am the best thing which happened in her life, i found out that she feels important when i am next to her, that i always know how to make her feel good and i can always make her happy. But i also found out that she is afraid that if we try to have a relationship and it wount last she might lose me as a friend. She said that she cares too much about my feelings, and she loves me too much in order to lose me. She would like to kiss me, to hugg me without our friendship being affected. But the thing is that i love her too much and i would like to be more than friends but at the same time i respect her and i don't want to make her feel bad. Please give me some advice related to this situation. Thank you in advance!

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