Confused :(

<p><em><strong>I have been with my bf for over 5yrs , it seems he has never really had a high sex drive but now it's at a complete hault.. He is 31 &amp; I'm 26... I feel that we are still young and our sex life should still be at least decent. We have not had sex since our anniversary which was May 11th 2012. It's not like I haven't tried, I try everyday &amp; he refuses.. I have even went to grab his area and he pushed me away. I've also jumped on him naked and he still denied me. He wont have sex with me but he will still pleasure himself why??? I just don't understand...Am I not good enough for him anymore?? is he borad with me?? is it even me at all???? Please HELP!!!!</strong></em></p>

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