Can a Relationship Survive a Trust Issue Involving Drugs and Lies?

<p>My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years and have been talking about marriage. He is my best friend and up until recently we had&nbsp; very few problems as a couple. My boyfriend and I were raised in two completely different families and our value systems are not the same, but we have been working on it. He joined my faith and slowed down his drinking so that he could be with me. I opened up to his values and agreed to give up much of my free time to join him at the softball park. He had a very dark past and I always suspected that it might creep back into his life. Last week I asked him if he was smoking pot again and he broke down and told me he was addicted to it again and had been lying to me about his smoking for 2 years because he knew I have a zero tolerance for drugs and he didn't want to hurt our relationship. This broke me, but I love him and wanted to make things work. He agrees that there are problems in our relationship that need mending, however he refuses to go to a rehab meeting, he truely doesn't want to quit completely (although he says he will for me) and he gets angry at me when I ask him about his smoking. I don't trust him at all anymore and I don't know how to trust him. I am questioning many other things now because I am so uneasy about the situation. This is making him frusterated and I am left feeling depressed and emotionally alone. Can our relationship recover, and if so what do we have to do to rebuild that trust?</p>

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