A Big Dilemma

Hi Dr. Love,

I really need your help. My boyfriend of 2 years and 6 months left me and it's been 1 month now that we are not together anymore but I miss him so much. What happened is that I lost my job about 3 months ago and since that day we always argued and he was not patient with me at all and I could not even talk with him and tell him how I feel cause he would never listen or help me at all. Suddenly one day he just came home and told me that he didn't have any more feelings for me and that he doesn't want to be with me anymore. I was in shock and I cried telling him why are you doing this to me (to us). He was like cause it's over. So I accepted and let him go. But the thing is the first week  he called me so many times but I never answered and on the second week he called me 3 times and still I never answered. But this past week I went to see him at his job to give some stuff that he left at my house and I swear he did not stop looking at me (at my eyes) and I was like confused. But when I gave him a letter that I wrote talking about how I felt and that it hurt me that he left, I swear he cried when he finished reading it. We talked for about 20 minutes and suddenly he said to my face that he thinks about me and that he misses me so much but it will never work between us cause it's like the second time that he left me in like 2 years. But he asked me if I was talking with guys and I said to him turn the question to yourself and he said no I'm not talking with any girls. I was like happy inside, but when I was leaving he asked for a hug so I gave him one and he gave me a big one for like 2 minutes. After that he told me that I was beautiful and I said thank you. So I went into my car and I swear he did not leave the parking lot before I left, like he was still taking care of me and when I left he fallowed me and he just passed beside my car and I looked and he gave me a smile. So doctor I really wanna know what it means cause he told me that if he sees me with another guy he will be happy for me but I don't want  another guy. I want him. Oh I forgot too it's been like 2 weeks now that he did not call me and when he goes on Facebook he doesn't come and talk to me either and when I see him on Facebook I don't make the move to talk to him and I never call him. So please tell me what should I do cause I so want him back and please tell me what it means cause I'm so lost and confused right now.

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