Am I Over Reacting?

<p>Dear Dr. Love,</p>
<p>I've been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years but known him for 7 years. We were friends at first and when I had a crush on him he was in a relationship. My crush then turned into strong feelings for him and I later on fell in love. I confessed my love for him and he did as well for me, all while he was in a relationship. His ex at the time was a horrible girlfriend, I was with him all the time and she would never be with him. They had a 4 year relationship. Fast forward they broke up and he immediately started dating me. I love him to death but I recently went through his phone and saw that he is texting her. She was asking him to come visit her new apartment, have some drinks with her and the way he answered it seem like he was telling her yes. To make matters worse she later on asked him if she was still loved and he answered of course she is. Dr. Love I was so upset. I love this man and I stopped talking to my ex and most of my male friends because I didnt want there to be any chance of conflict. I havent told him I read the texts because Im waiting to see more than get him. What should I do?</p>

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