Age in My Way? Or Am I Just Crazy?

My girlfriend and I met 5 months ago online, I was so excited and blissful with this new found relationship. We've kept the feeling of happiness between us the same for this long, then suddenly the other night t I decided to reveal a secret because I couldn't take it anymore, the secret being I am not infact her age I am younger, not by much, but younger none-the-less. My girlfriend told me that she had known for a long while and the guilt was lifted off my shoulders. 
My problem lies in what she said next. She implied that I am two years younger and therefore I am naive, and that she must "take care of me".
I've always had a problem with older people, I feel like they always look down on you because maybe you don't have the golden life expierience they do. I respect the opinion of some older adults but my girlfriend and I are young adults only two years apart. I feel coddled, intimidated and that I failed her. My girlfriend always stated that she likes older women so the back of my head says she'd rather be with them. She told me that older women "take care of you".
What if I don't want her to take care of me? I want to take care of her. I enjoy my independence and the mind-set of being able to survive myself. I want to take care of her because she deserves a break from always bending-over-backwards for others.
I want her to view me as an equal instead of just someone younger to care for like a mother. She's been acting strange ever since that night, she assures me that her trust isn't broken and that she's not angry, but I feel like there is something there. She gets fed-up with me much easier than usual. She also hasn't talked to me recently, I wait by the phone but she doesn't call. I don't mean to sound clingy or desperate but it's un-like her not to call at the usual time she does.
Example of becoming "fed-up" with me: (We discussed her birthday, usually she would just blow it off if I mentioned it, she doesn't enjoy the day. I suggested a small cake just to celebrate her being in my life. She said that she does not want to be celebrated. When I try to talk her out of it she responds by questioning my support and loyalty in her decisions. I didn't push or anything, I just went along with it and told her she could do what she wanted. Normally we wouldn't get that heated over just a simple thing like a birthday.)
I feel like ever since I have let her know that she views me as a burden, a "child", she hates children and we both agreed not to have any. All the symptoms are there...I'm just wondering if it's true that I'm a child to her, a burden, or am I just over-reacting to simple little debates with her?
Please help, I'm going crazy, I've had little sleep, and I can't eat. ClassicParanoia

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