<p>I am single, 22 &amp; know this guy Jin (22) as he is my dad's friend's son. We visit each others' places often in family meetings etc. and our families are quite informal and close. He has signaled a few times earlier that he is interested in me. I like him a lot but haven't reciprocated. Last week, my parents were outta city &amp; Jin was at my place. After dinner, I somehow lost my control and had sex with him the whole night. Since then, I've been feeling very depressed &amp; highly embarrassed about it. This is primarily because I lost my virginity to him &amp; I couldn't stop myself because it was highly enjoyable.<br />
<br />
Now, I don't know what to do. He wants me to meet him but I'm unable to face him due to embarrassment &amp; guilt as I spent the whole night with him &amp; it was all consensual. But the family context is driving me nuts. I'm unable to get him out of my mind &amp; concentrate on anything.<br />
<br />
What should I do?</p>

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