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Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a one hour LIVE program airing every Tuesday at 12 pm (EST) on Ask Dr. Love Google+ Hangout On Air. Each weekly show features a number of segments:

  • Discussion of a common relationship issue or challenge and specific tips and techniques for handling it.
  • Reading and discussion of the latest advice columns published on
  • “Celebrity Couch,” in which I analyze the relationship troubles and other scandals of celebrities.
  • “Reading Between The Sheets” where I put your toughest sex questions to bed.
  • And of course, your listener calls on any relationship, dating, or sex question you may have!

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Aug 31, 2014
Wednesday, September 3rd at 1PM EST Have you noticed your sex life dwindling as you age? Don't despair! This week I’m talking with Dr. Laurie Betito, author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50. Dr. Laurie is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in sex therapy who has been a practicing psychotherapist for the last 26 years. Dr. Laurie is President of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec (formerly Planned Parenthood), and past president of the Canadian Sex Research...
Aug 22, 2014
Wednesday, August 27th at 1PM EST Do you want to reconnect with someone in spirit? Are you wondering if you’ve ever been contacted by a loved one in spirit? Could you be missing signs that a loved one is reaching out to you? Would you like to know how YOU can reach out those you love after you leave your body? Do you have some unfinished business with someone who has passed over? It’s said that only 2 things are inevitable in this life: death and taxes! Taxes we...
Aug 14, 2014
Thursday, August 21st at 1PM EST Does your heart still hurt over someone who has died? Is your pain affecting your work performance or your current relationships? If so, you’ll want to join me for a fascinating discussion with Suzane Northrop, one of the world’s most famous psychic mediums. The Afterlife, Suzane’s Emmy-nominated TV series, has captured the imagination and hearts of mil­lions in both the U.S. and Canada, demonstrating Suzane’s unparalleled talent as a Medium...
Aug 10, 2014
Wednesday, August 13th at 1PM EST Ladies, do you often feel as though guys have x-ray vision? And they’re stripping you with their eyes? This week, you’re going to meet author David Matthews, an Emmy award-winning composer/writer/producer who has worked for such shows as "The Young and the Restless," "Mad About You," The Nanny," "Living Single," and "Half & Half." His experiences in and out of 'show biz' give him a unique perspective that he shares openly, boldly, and...
Aug 2, 2014
Wednesday, August 6th at 1PM EST Are the frustrated with a male partner who won’t make decisions? Is your guy oblivious to problems that need his attention? And guys, do you feel like you ain’t getting no respect from the women in your life? Tune in to this edition of Ask Dr. Love when I’ll be speaking with Elliott Katz who says that after decades of developing their feminine side, today’s man is deaf to his masculine spirit. And Katz also says that men need to develop...
Jul 25, 2014
Wednesday, July 30th Has your love life grown limp? Or is the romance just plain gone? This week, I’ll be introducing you to Toni Fox, creator of DATE NITE BOX - the first ervice ever to plan, book, box and deliver amazingly unique dates for couples, encouraging truly lasting and loving relationships! Toni is an entrepreneur, and a professional actress and writer. It was her own personal dating experiences that inspired her recent film script, “30 Men in 30 Days!” Join...
Jul 19, 2014
Tuesday, July 22nd   When it comes to your intimate relationships, do you feel that something is missing? Do you crave deeper, more real connections? Do you sometimes even feel lonely in your relationships? If you said yes to any of my questions, then you need to tune in to this week’s show. I’ll be talking with Glenn Brooks, internationally renowned coach, entrepreneur, radio host, and self-renewal expert who is on a mission to discover what’s possible beyond...
Jul 10, 2014
Tuesday, July 15th, 12 noon EST You can watch on either Google+ or YouTube. When we think about starting an affair, the natural assumption is that we’re talking about starting a love affair with someone else. But guess what? You can’t form a solid love affair with anyone unless you’ve first fallen in love with yourself! In this week’s show, I’ll be introducing you to Keryl Pesce, the author of Happy Bitch - The Girlfriend's Straight-Up Guide to Losing the Baggage and...
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