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Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a one hour LIVE program airing every Tuesday at 12 pm (EST) on Ask Dr. Love Google+ Hangout On Air. Each weekly show features a number of segments:

  • Discussion of a common relationship issue or challenge and specific tips and techniques for handling it.
  • Reading and discussion of the latest advice columns published on
  • “Celebrity Couch,” in which I analyze the relationship troubles and other scandals of celebrities.
  • “Reading Between The Sheets” where I put your toughest sex questions to bed.
  • And of course, your listener calls on any relationship, dating, or sex question you may have!

How To Watch Live:

Nov 5, 2014
Wednesday, November 12th at 1PM EST   Check back soon for more information.   You can listen live in real time by clicking here:
Oct 15, 2014
Wednesday, October 22nd at 1PM EST   Do you quantum think? This is the question that bestselling author, Dianne Collins, asks you to ask yourself. Collins asserts that the human race is at a critical juncture in its development and it is our collective responsibility to evolve our thought process or face the consequences. Ms. Collins explains that our thinking has not evolved past an ‘Industrial Age’ paradigm rooted in a mechanical world view. Einstein’s relativity and...
Oct 8, 2014
Wednesday, October 15th at 1PM EST   Have you ever wondered why you’re single? If you are having trouble finding the right person, This Is Why You’re Single provides essential realizations while offering solutions to bring you closer to a healthy and happy relationship. It will help you realign your frame of thinking and recognize patterns or behaviors that cause relationships to fail. While marriages are on the decline, it doesn’t mean the right person isn’t out...
Oct 1, 2014
Wednesday, October 8th at 1PM EST   Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. And, sometimes people come into our lives for a brief time to assist us in learning an important lesson, and then they move on. The real question is: How can you tell which relationships are meant to last… And when it’s time to call it quits on a relationship? Is fighting a sign that it’s time to say good-bye? Not always! Many fighting couples wrongly assume...
Sep 26, 2014
Wednesday, October 1st at 1PM EST Do you ever feel stuck, like your feet are planted in cement?… And, that no matter what you try, you can’t seem to make the kind of headway you desire in life or love? Well, according to bestselling author, Mira Kelley, you can break free and transform your life by engaging in a technique called Past LIfe Regression. Mira, who grew up in Bulgaria, had her first powerful regression experience at age 13. Following her graduation from law...
Sep 20, 2014
Wednesday, September 24th at 1PM EST Do you ever wonder what happens to us after we die? Do you want to know what it’s like to be in heaven? Well, if you said yes to either question, then join me for a fascinating discussion with Roberta Grimes, a business attorney, novelist and speaker based in Austin, Texas, who had two extraordinary experiences of light as a child. In an attempt to understand her experiences, she has spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and...
Sep 9, 2014
Wednesday, September 17th at 1PM EST When it comes to sex, are you a guy who hasn’t gotten lucky? Or, do you know a guy who hasn’t lost his virginity and could use a helping hand? If so, this show is for you! Join me as I talk about this taboo topic with Frank Kermit, MA, a Dating and Relationship Coach whose work is based on his emotional needs theories. Frank is an author of over 10 books and 19 CD lecture sets. He is a Certified Trauma Counselor and Certified...
Sep 7, 2014
Wednesday, September 10th at 1PM EST Do you wonder what your purpose on earth is? And, do you wonder where we go after we die? World renowned Suzanne Giesemann, author of eleven books, spiritual teacher, and evidential medium, will be joining me for another visit to answer these questions, and to speak about her extraordinary new book, Wolf’s Message, which reveals the answer to why we’re all here. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side provides...
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