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Following Dr. Jamie Turndorf's amazing interview with George Noory on the world renowned radio program Coast to Coast AM, "Love Never Dies" became an overnight bestseller, selling out on Amazon.com within 24 hours of her appearance! Pick up or order your copy today and find out why! When her publisher, Hay House, informed her of the sellout Dr. Turndorf exclaimed, "I loved being on the show and am so grateful for the fantastic interview with George, the truly awesome response and all of the lovely emails from his listeners!"


Do you want to stop crying over the loss of a Loved One? Is it really possible to Reconnect with them after they have passed? Check out this Trailer for "Love Never Dies" presented by Dr. Turndorf and find out!



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We are delighted to present Dr. Jamie Turndorf on her own acclaimed radio show "Ask Doctor Love!" as she interviews fellow best selling authors and famed relationship experts like Dr. Richard London, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Rick Tamlyn and many more! Doctor Love also takes calls from listeners offering her amazing insights with love, compassion and a sense of humor! She says, "It is such a great joy to be on the air and I want to personally thank all of my wonderful guests and listeners for all of their love and support!"

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"Dr. Jamie Turndorf shares her Heart, Wisdom and Soul to bring you powerful intentional transformational thought energy that moves you forward in the process and experience of Love in every area of your Life. Bravoooooooo Dr. Jamie! Wellness Always, Dr. Richard London." To listen to his interview Click >> HERE!

Do you want to see Dr. Jamie Turndorf in person as she shares her story and secrets for creating your own divine love affair that lasts a lifetime and beyond? She says, "I cannot wait to share Jean's and my eternal love story and my experiences at this wonderful event! I am honored to be the Featured Speaker."
Don't miss this fantastic event with the author of "Love Never Dies" as the Featured Speaker!

Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been invited to be a Speaker at the LIFE in the AFTERLIFE Conference by her friend and the world's leading afterlife researcher Roberta Grimes. Dr. Turndorf says, "I am so excited that Love Never Dies has generated the praise of the world's top afterlife experts. I am so grateful to Roberta Grimes, Dr. R. Craig Hogan and Dr. Gary Schwartz, who have been so supportive of my message! I am eagerly anticipating this fantastic opportunity to share my story."
Dr. R. Craig Hogan says, "We're very excited to have Jamie at the Life in the Afterlife Conference. We chose speakers who have interesting and insightful knowledge about life in the afterlife. Jamie was one of our first choices because we want attendees to learn how our loved ones in the afterlife work at connecting with us on the earth plane. We want people to know how her Dialoguing with the Departed and wise words in Love Never Dies can change their lives."
September 25-27, Scottsdale, Arizona
Topic: Where People Find Themselves after the Transition
For Conference Details, Complete List of Speakers, including Dr. Jamie Turndorf and Special Guest George Noory, or to Register:
Conference Information

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